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    • Loughman

      Loughman (@JudsonJ808)

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      • Crawley

        Crawley (@MickeyGarr)

        ...n living in Maryland but my husband wants us to approach. Her job is an administrative assistant. If you want to find uot more check out his website: https:/...


        • felipe

          Comment on "Has Covid-19 Recovery Stalled in Guatemala?"

          No isn't the answer but apparently no answers the question "Is the web site correct?" Current numbers are totally different today than a couple of days ago. Total number of cases seems OK but recovered went from a few thousand to over 23,000.  The new data looks much better.


          • felipe

            Guatemala Business Idea

            ...uct comes from Amazon. You just go to their web site, order wh...s needed. Here are some points: Their web site is less t...it: You, the shopper, find (on the Amazon site) what you...
            • felipe

              Transmetro Line 7 in Operation

              ...ost people I saw on a bus was six but I am glad it is back in operation. Note that I always have trouble finding the Transmetro info on the Muni site. This tim...

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              • felipe

                I think I found one

                https://guatemalanfoods.com/ is an interesting site. It has a lot of common and traditional food with photos, descriptions and recipes. Even if you think you k...
                • felipe

                  Where is/what is Industry Park?

                  The first hospital set up for coronavirus cases is in "Industry Park". Just in case you have never heard of it, it is in Zona 9 of Guatemala City. The web site explains what is happening. https://coperex.com.gt/  

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                • What do you do with my private information?

                  In a word, nothing. What you post here is, of course, available for others to read. But we, as a site, do not share, sell, ... anything about you. In other w...

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                • How can I join a group?

                  Go to the group list . When you find the group you want to join, click on the "3-dots" button at the right of the group information. Click o...

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                  Information about GT4US -- site usage, plans, feature requests, ...

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