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    • felipe

      Comment on "Daily Covid Stats"

      ...41 to 246. That seems to more likely be an indication that tests were not done of not analysed.  Adding trend lines to the graph would be very helpful. A...


      • felipe

        Get Ready for Covid Numbers to Increase

        ...d in Guatemala it was up to 1600 per day. Today's news is that testing is being increased with a goal of 5000/day very soon. This message is to help you think...
        • felipe

          Is Coronavirus Tapering Off?

          ...s no HCQ promotion, the other thing that is wrong is no promotion of a healthy diet, vitamins (in particular, C and D) and generally doing stuff to help your immu...

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          • felipe

            Coronavirus Tips from Mike Geary

            ...th a few doctors, as well as a few helpful articl...ollectively wanted to recommend to help out with...th taking right now... it can only help, and ther...friends and family to spread these helpful tips t...
            • felipe

              Coronavirus and Vitamin C

              There are lots of indications that high-dose vitamin C will help protect against coronavirus. Personally, I have been taking two or more grams of vitamin C daily...