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    • felipe

      Conversation with Rocio

      ...e has been stranded there ever since. While she technically lives in Guatemala City, her DPI says...ere are about 8000 active cases in the country. Probably 7000 in the Guatemala depa...
      • felipe

        Coronavirus: Put On Your Thinking Cap

        ...day 85 of coronavirus in Guatemala. The curr...230 dead If every Guatemalan was test...mistic. The population of Guatemala is about...(active and recovered) in Guatemala? Without...To not overwhelm the capacity of the me...

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        • felipe

          Where is/what is Industry Park?

          The first hospital set up for coronavirus cases is in "Industry Park". Just in case you have never heard of it, it is in Zona 9 of Guatemala City. The web site explains what is happening. https://coperex.com.gt/  
          • felipe

            Buying a House

            This is specifically about buying a house in Guatemala City. In other areas things will be similar. The most complicated may be finding the property you want. With...