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    • felipe


      ...e installer. Now I understand. Tigo does their own customer service but contracts with s...lse to do the installations. So, basically, Tigo sucks but whoever they contract with do...
      • felipe

        Government covid-19 site broken

        The old URL falls into the bit bucket. Looking around on the mspas.gov.gt site I found new info but it doesn't work right. The beginning of what I got is

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      • Costa Rica, Guatemala or Nicaragua

        Costa Rica, Guatemala or Nicaragua

        ...ough I knew much more about Nicaragua due to my involvement in the anti-Contra Aid movem...hey tend to be open and friendly -- particularly in the rural parts. To contrast the att...
        • felipe

          Avifavir -- new coronavirus drug from Russia

          An article in Prensa Libre talks about Avifavir, a new drug for coronavirus treatment. There is an RT article about it for some information in English. While all indications that HCQ has been very effective, Avifavir is an new drug specifically manifactured for for covid-19 treatment.
        • People Differences: U.S., Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala

          People Differences: U.S., Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Guatemala

          ...be renewed every five years and that renewal includes new original copies of all the documents you needed when you first applied for residency. In contrast, perman...
          • felipe

            Living in Guatemala vs. the U.S. -- Part 1

            ...Canadian friend whose car is "in the shop". She talked about the few places she could walk to and how she has never taken a bus. Let me contrast that wi...
            • felipe

              The crazyness of real estate advertising

              ...she is just an oportunist so I don't feel sorry for him. The right solution is a miltiple listing service. That is where one agent/company contracts with t...
              • felipe


                ...d place to make both social and business connections. In Guatemala, they have various face-to-face events (primarily in Guatemala City). Let me contrast what th...