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      felipe added a new discussion topic Buying a House
      This is specifically about buying a house in Guatemala City. In other areas things will be similar. The most complicated may be finding the property you want. With the lack of a multiple listing service (discussed in my blog) it is not fun but...
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        GT4us Admin uploaded the file Map of Guatemala City
        I have no idea where I found this. I was just cleaning up some files and ran into it.
        • felipe
          felipe added a new discussion topic U.S. - Guatemala Immigration Agreement Considerations
          A video presentation from Judicial Watch raises some issues -- from the point of view of US Conservatives. Start with this video While I don't agree with a lot of what Chris Farrell says, the subject is very serious. Those of us know...
          • felipe
            felipe added a new discussion topic Currency conversions, inflation, taxes, ...
            I just had a friend ask some assorted "banking" questions. He is a Usano and is about to move to Mexico with his wife who is a Mexican Citizen. While this is not MX4US, a lot of the answer apply and, where they are different I will point...

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