As most of you know, we got hacked. Over 1000 bogus accounts were created and thousands of SPAM posts created. While not "cured" we are close. That means the SPAM has been deleted and most bogus accounts have either been banned or deleted. I say most because there are still some out there that will be dealt with when a bogus post is made.

Security measures have been added but some bogus accounts were still being created. For now, the ability to create new accounts has been turned off. If you want an account, send an email message to and include the following information:

  • email address
  • preferred login name
  • temporary password (you will need to change it when you log in)

We will set up your account and email you the information. Once you log in, besides changing your password, we encourage you to fill in your profile information.

Sorry for the inconvenience but that seems to be the way the world works right now.



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    • felipe
      felipe added a new discussion topic Buying a House
      This is specifically about buying a house in Guatemala City. In other areas things will be similar. The most complicated may be finding the property you want. With the lack of a multiple listing service (discussed in my blog) it is not fun but...
      • GT4us Admin
        GT4us Admin uploaded the file Map of Guatemala City
        I have no idea where I found this. I was just cleaning up some files and ran into it.
        • felipe
          felipe added a new discussion topic U.S. - Guatemala Immigration Agreement Considerations
          A video presentation from Judicial Watch raises some issues -- from the point of view of US Conservatives. Start with this video While I don't agree with a lot of what Chris Farrell says, the subject is very serious. Those of us know...
          • felipe
            felipe added a new discussion topic Currency conversions, inflation, taxes, ...
            I just had a friend ask some assorted "banking" questions. He is a Usano and is about to move to Mexico with his wife who is a Mexican Citizen. While this is not MX4US, a lot of the answer apply and, where they are different I will point...

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