Clearly, coronavirus is something that needs to be discussed. I considered adding a specific group but, in reality, some posts will fit in a specific group (for example, government for government actions), others about food, others just in your own blog. Add the tag "coronavirus" to anything you post about it so it will be easy to search for.

I encourage you to join and join the discussion. As this is a closed site you will need to request a login by sending an email to We will add an account and give you temporary login information. After you log in, change your password. If you elect not to join but have something to say, email your information to and I will see that it gets posted.

I have more questions than answers right now but I will be posting more information. As of yesterday, the government announced six cases of coronavirus in Guatemala and too the action to close the borders. You can hear the announcement at which is a message from the President (in Spanish).

If you post here, pick the language you are most comfortable with. We all know how to use translation software to translate a post. Thus, it is better that you post in your "best" language.

More to come from me. Please join into the conversation.