I have been watching real estate listings at various sites for a while. Basically, I feel like it would be a good idea to park some value into an apartment building or a house.

A week ago I saw a listing on the web site that looked interesting. I emailed the agent (oh, sorry, sales executive) and included the property number that was in the listing. I got a quick answer asking me which property in Zona 2 I wanted information about. I explained which one by adding the price.

Shortly I got one of those "let's talk" replies asking for my phone number "because it was easier". Well, I hate phones because two people have to be available and I actually do stuff, I said that plus that we have a bad cell phone signals in parts of the house but included my number.

No response for three days. I sent a "are you on vacation" message and got a response that said that another agent needed to work with me "due to company policy". Did she get fired for not talking to me for three days? I doubt it.

While it would be logical that she shared the information (we now had an email chain with six messages in it) but, just in case, I forwarded it to the new agent with a short explanation of why I was contacting him.

Within a few hours, he replied. What was his reply? He wanted to know how he could help me.

I am not looking for a job but from this and other experience I think there would be opportunities for real estate agents that aren't idiots.

Last minute update: While I was writing this message, just got another message. Pretty much it asked what he asked before plus asked if I had whatsapp so we could communicate better. I rest my case.