Today's "Normal" in Guatemala City

Today's "Normal" in Guatemala City

This post is primarily for my friends who are not in Guatemala. I expect most are sure it is worse in this "third world country" than where they are. The top photo is the street outside my house.

The next  picture is taken outside my closest supermarket (two blocks) at about 0900. They limit the number of people in the store -- I think to 15. While there were shortages, pretty much everything is available now. Besides some normal stuff (swiss chard, eggs, tomato paste, mushrooms, cheddar cheese) I bought some quinoa and coconut oil.

Earlier I walked to my other house and came back through the street market nearby. Not yet real busy (it was 0740) but most of the vendors are there. I bought some avocados. Overpriced (Q5 each) even though they are big.

On the way back I stopped at Dollar City for some jars. It is about 1.2 km between the two houses and Dollar City is on the way.

Note that masks are required, there is a curfew from 4PM to 4AM and no buses running but that really doesn't change anything very much. My only "traumatic experience" was that my favorite Chinese restaurant (where I usually get take-out anyway) was not open when I went by there a week ago.