Bad News of Coronavirus in Guatemala

The president reports some bad news. There are now a total of 125 coronavirus cases in Guatemala. Three have died, 17 recovered but, right now, there are 105 hospitalized -- three in critical condition.

This is a huge upturn in cases. If anything, it was a surprise that the number of cases had been so low.

As of Monday, masks will be required when you are out in public. The government will be giving away 3,000,000 masks.

For me, the biggest issue is the lack of information as to where the infected people were, what they were doing, ...

    • felipe

      The government commented on the issue of "where". There are so few cases in many areas (and, actually, Guatemala in general) that they don't want to be too specific to protect the privacy of the victim and their family.

      That said, the President offered some statistics. Most of the cases are in/near Guatemala City which is no surprise as that is where most of the people are. There are only five cases on the Costa Sur which translates to around 200 km of coastline. Clearly, being more specific than Costa Sur would offer too much information.

      • felipe

        Eleven new cases on Friday. Note that there were three deaths early on but nothing recently.

        To report illness, call 1517.