Government Status on Coronavirus 24 March 2020

Most of this information comes from

  • The total number of cases or coronavirus in Guatemala is 21 with no new cases within the last 24 hours.
  • The first temporary hospital for coronavirus victims (in Industrail Park in Zona 9 of the city) is now open.
  • Construction has started on (I think) two of the other three temporary hospitals.
  • People entering the country are put in quarantine.

To put this in perspective, as of a couple of days ago ( Ecuador had over 500 cases, 400 being new in the last week. Ecaudor is a good comparision as its population is around 18 million, the same as Guatemala.

Alerta Guate

Alerta Guate is the name of an application (Android and iOS) that will be used for emergency alerts the President stated. He said it would be available this evening.  The Google Play web site ( claims it exists. If I try to get it on my tablet it says it does not exist. For my phone it loads and asks for permission to manage "Do Not Disturb". OK. Then it says that feature does not exist. But, it does. So, I am a bit confused. Let me know about your experience.