Coronavirus Report from Ecuador

This is what my friend in Ecuador had to say. Makes things seem "not bad" here.

We are in lockdown.  The whole country.  The military and police are supposed to be enforcing it. We are legally permitted to leave the house, on foot or in a taxi, only for emergencies, medical treatment, or to get food. All businesses are closed except for essential services (hospitals, grocery stores...) We can take our own cars only on specific days based on the license plate # and only for the things mentioned above. Face mask is required. Stores have limits of how many people can be inside at once, so there are long lines outside the stores. Fines for violations range from $200 to thousands of dollars. So far my neighborhood is tranquilo, but you have to wonder about the social unrest boiling below the surface. For millions of people (billions around the world), if they don't work they don't eat, and neither do their kids. Humans have been known to do horrible things to other humans when they are starving.

Buses are no longer running, the airports are closed, travel between cities is prohibited. National parks are closed including walking trails. How are we supposed to stay healthy locked inside our homes?  Humans need sunshine, fresh air and exercise to stay healthy. I promise to keep 2 meters away from all other humans and not touch anything. Just please, let me take a walk in nature!