CEMACO for Hardware and More

My buying habits are:

  1. Look locally (generally meaning within walking distance)
  2. Expand to a bus trip if necessary
  3. Search on-line within Guatemala
  4. Search on-line anywhere

If I want something big and am using option 1 or 2 I need to figure out how to get it to my house. It works but sometimes is a tad complicated. Recently I wanted to buy some semi-large things (bar stools and plastic shelves). I ended up on option 3 because while I could find the stuff within bus range it would have meant multiple flete trips to get it here. The place I ended up was CEMACO.

While I had gone to the store in Zona 4 they didn't have everything I wanted. I went off to Ave. Bolivar and found the missing item. At the end I was back home (flete trip) so I decided to try ordering on-line from CEMACO. I was pleasantly surprised.

I set up an account, entered the SKUs for what I wanted and paid with plastic money. Two days later it was delivered to my door. The web site is https://cemaco.com