Yes, I am still here

Sorry for being lost for so long but there have been so many changes in my life. This post is a life update.

First, and most important, we moved into our new house in Zona 2. Most important because that is the biggest reason I have been lost. Just too many things to get done/organized.

The reason for the move is that my daughter starts medical school at Mariano Galvez tomorrow. The house is a short walk from school so the move made sense. While the house is great there were lots of stuff to get fixed. We had hoped to do this before school started. We didn't succeed but we got a lot done and have a plan for the rest of the work.

The life changes are interesting. We do everything either on foot or on public transit which is why the changes seem more significant. Here are a few:

  • We are two blocks from La Torre. Thus, we are more apt to go to a regular grocery store. (I have pretty much been there every day for the last month.)
  • The closest public markets are about 1km away. The two choices are on 1st Ave between 3rd and 4th Calle in Zona 1 and along the Pereférico at the Zona 2/Zona 6 transition. Both work.
  • The closest fast food restaurant (MickeyD's) has a drive-up window. A clear indication that we are more like in suburbia.

All that said, there is a lot more in common with Zona 1. Lots of small tiendas, tortillarias and such. Friendly people who will say hi and ask about our new dog. One surprise is that more people seem to speak English. Not a lot but maybe 10% look at me and figure I must speak English.

I guess there is nothing special in this post other than things should start to settle down now and you will hear more from me.