(Regular) Gallo Pinto

I promised to post a Gallo Pinto recipe. So, I started this and realized my Blond Gallo Pinto recipe tells the whole story. Check out that article and just use your favorite kind of beans.

As I state there, Gallo Pinto is so common because it is:

  • Maximum nutrition for the cost
  • Recycles leftovers
  • Is really tasty

In Costa Rica it is always eaten with Salsa Lizano which is also used in Nicaragua. If you are interested, you can find it at one or more of the Nicaraguan "food places" (calling them restaurants is a bit much) in Zona 1. You can find them on Ave 9 between Calle 12 and 15. This is where all the inexpensive buses from Nicaragua end up and there are also cheap hotels.

Minimalist Gallo Pinto is really just left over beans, left over rice, some oil and salt. Typically any left over veggies are added. Personally, I like a lot of onion, garlic and more veggies than any Nicaraguan would use. For me -- and most Nicaraguans -- hot sauce is essential. (For Costa Ricans, one tiny bottle of tabasco will last a lifetime for an entire family.)

A word of warning for vegetarians: I use vegetable oil (typically coconut) when I make my Gallo Pinto but lard is used quite often  in restaurants. I have this built-in lard sensor in my body -- you don't want to be around me an hour after eating something with lard in it.