My Broken Rib

A couple of weeks ago I broke a rib. How is hard to explain but basically it was a freak accident involving a chair.

I had hoped it was just cracked. It was better the day after the accident but then it started hurting more which inspired a doctor visit. It hurt to walk so I picked a clinic not far from home. Here is how it went:

  • I got there about 10AM -- a busy time. I paid Q30 for a medical consultation and waited over an hour for my time with the doctor. We started with him asking some questions (age, any health issues, allegies, ...) and he entered them into a computer.
  • He had me lay down on an examination table, poked a bit and agreed that my bottom rib was broken. He then typed some additional information into the computer and printed out two pages for me: one was to get an X-ray and the other was purchases from the pharmacy. It also included instructions -- for example, take a pill every eight hours and apply ice every eight hours.
  • The wait for an X-ray was going to be over two hours (and I didn't see the real reason for it) so I skipped that and went to the pharmacy.
  • The pharmacy items were pain pills, a topical cream and a breath volume device. The total was a bit over Q400 with the majority of the cost being the pills.

I tapered off the pain pills and while not 100% I am doing fine. For those of you wondering why I went to a private clinic rather than the Centro de Salud the best answer was "it was closer". Saving Q30 was clearly not worth the longer walk.

This is my first doctor visit in about 30 years. Hopefully my next will be in another 30 years. :-)