Lots of times I want to ship stuff from the US to Guatemala. The company I used most of the time has died. My other choice has been TransExpress

While I had some issues related to my change of address here, all seems to be sorted out and and I can recommend them with a few "observations".

First, they only ship by air. That means they are not suitable for heavy or huge items. But, for reasonable-sized things that you want quickly they seem to work well.

To use them you sign up for a "box" in Florida. It's free and their site is in English, Spanish or Portuguese so you can pick. Once you establish your box you just have the U.S.-based vendor send the package to their address with your box number. They then forward the package to you. They handle aduanas (customs) for you and get the package delivered to your door. You register a credit card with them and the fees (shipping and customs) are charged automatically. (If you are not in Guatemala City you will need to also give credit card information to the local part of TransExpress so they can charge the local delivery fee for either GuatEx or CargoExpreso.)

To make all this work efficiently once you have the tracing information you should post an "alert" on their site. This lets them know a package is on the way, what it contains and how to identify it. They there is no waiting for you to identify the contents before the package is forwarded.

The biggest problem I have with them is that while you got lots of status reports in email, they don't email you if there is an issue. Thus, if you don't hear about your package for a few days, log in to your account and see if there is a problem.