Do You Need an Induction Cooktop?

I am a "cook with gas" kinda guy. Instant control of heat is important to me and my experience with electric cooking -- from regular heating elements to ceramic cooktops has always been a failure for me.

We are currently living in an apartment and "the rules" say no gas stoves. I bought a little gas "burner" that uses butane cartridges but the cost of energy in something the size of a spray paint can is prohibitive. I have been reading about induction cooktops for a while and decided it was worth a try.

For those not familiar with induction burners, they look similar to a ceramic electric cooktop but instead of having a regular heating element, they induce currents into a magnetic pot (cast iron and most stainless steel) which heats just the pot and what is in it. Thus, very efficient and there is no heating up and cooling down of anything besides the pot.

I started my search for such a unit in Guatemala. Eventually I gave up and bought it on-line. ( is a link to the one I bought.) The price was $40 with the shipping and duty being almost the same. As the price of such units has been dropping rapidly, it seemed like the right time to buy.

I have only used it a few times and need to adjust my cooking skills a bit but it is a big win. Pots heat up really fast and temperature changes happen fast as well. In spite of being only 1500 watts maximum, I am amazed at how fast things heat up.

The only problem I have had so far is heating up the pan hotter than I wanted. For example, I went to fry some plantains. I turned the unit on its highest setting, put some coconut oil into the pan and started cutting up the plantains. Before I was ready the oil was starting to smoke. Easy adjustment and on the positive site the efficiency of the unit is going to significantly reduce energy costs of a traditional electric burner.

Time will tell if I even want a traditional gas stove when we get moved into our house. So far, it is a big win.

    • felipe

      Words from Rocio "Me ama". Silvia, Mael's "babysitter" is equally impressed.

      • felipe

        A comment and a question I received in email.

        * Size: 30 x 38 cm

        * Being a single-burner unit, it means you can put it where a big pot will fit.