Eating Out: The Price of a Typical Breakfast in Guate

This is a re-write of something I posted on the old version of this site. The old version left a few people confused. Hopefully this version will clarify what I am trying to do.

What's for Breakfast?

This is the most important clarification. This post is not about all the breakfast options in Guatemala City. It is about comparing quality and price of what is a typical breakfast or Disayuno Chapin. First, what is that?

  • Two eggs typically fried or scrambled with optional onion and tomato
  • Beans
  • Usually plantains -- fried or "cocido" (boiled)
  • Tortillas or maybe bread
  • Coffee or possibly tea
  • Cheese or cream (crema)

I picked this breakfast as it is about as universal as you could find in Guatemala. Typical upgrades include the addition of some kind of meat and "fancier" eggs such as huevos rancheros. But, these are not universal choices.

What I am Evaluating?

  • Is the restaurant clean?
  • Do the ingredients appear fresh?
  • Does the oil used appear "decent"? (A bit hard to evaluate as you don't know what is used. If I am cooking at home I will be using coconut oil or butter but I don't expect that in an inexpensive restaurant.)
  • Is the coffee good?
  • Is the service at least "OK"?

I have found this breakfast to typically cost from Q15 to Q22 with exceptions from Q10 to Q35. I have never elected to spend over Q22 on this choice. My favorite in this price range is Comida Rapida Allison on 11 Calle, between Ave 5 and 6 in Zona 1. It is a 5-table hole in the the wall with friendly people, good service and good food.

The worst is Wendy's (half a block away). It's not the same -- it is scrambled eggs on a hamburger bun and the worst brewed (vs. instant) coffee I have tasted in Guatemala with the same Q15 price tag. Nearby I have a Q20 and Q22 breakfast that mostly lost points on bad coffee.

I have no intention to from the higher priced choices as I can get an amazing breakfast (there are choices including tofu instead of eggs) and great coffee at Rey Sol for Q27.