Getting a duplicate DPI

My wallet "vanished" on Saturday. There was virtually no money in it but there were documents including my Guatemalan DPI. So, today I went to RENAP to get a replacement.

While a DPI for a pensionado is free I was expecting to have to pay for a replacement. True. Q85 plus I needed to get a new (this year) Boleto de Ornato. You have to get this from the Alcaldia and the price varies. For here it is Q10. So far, so good.

But, as an Extranjro Domiciled Aquí, you need a document that says this. (You got one of part of the residency pricess.) This document costs Q500. Groan.

In any case, I will probably be without a DPI for at least a month and more like two. Interesting as you need to wait two minutes for a new driver's license.