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  • Getting to Know Local Panhandlers

    Getting to Know Local Panhandlers

    Having a dog means I get to meet a lot of people. Here I want to concentrate on the panhandlers I have interacted with. My typical trek (with or without L...

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    • felipe

      What's Available at La Torre in Zona 2?

      My daughter (who has been stranded in Panajachel but is about to return to Guatemala City just asked me this question. While I am not a typical shopper/eater, I think...

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      • felipe

        Where is/what is Industry Park?

        The first hospital set up for coronavirus cases is in "Industry Park". Just in case you have never heard of it, it is in Zona 9 of Guatemala City. The web site explains what is happening. https://coperex.com.gt/  
        • felipe

          Buying a House

          This is specifically about buying a house in Guatemala City. In other areas things will be similar. The most complicated may be finding the property you want. With...