Coronavirus: World Look/Guatemala Look

* At this point I am 99% sure Coronavirus is a bioweapon.
* It seems likely it originated at Fort Deitrick in Maryland.
* It was spread intentionally at the World Military Games in Wuhan.
* It is likely there are multiple "versions" -- at least one that spreads easily and one that is lethal
While there are other sources that support this, my primary sources are:
Now, saying that it came from a U.S. facility and it was distributed in Wuhan doesn't answer who released it. There was a "leak" at Ft. Detrick, there are Chinese nationals in the plot and oh so much more. At this point that is speculation and, further, that is not important. What is important is whether we are likely to get it and, if we do, will we live. Here are my SWAGs on that:
  * It appears there are specific targets (or maybe just target). That would be the U.S.
  * The problems in Italy can be traced to garment workers and the Wuhan-Milan connection.
  * Most of additional spread can be attributed to normal travel.
For those of us in Guatemala, there seems to be little danger.
  * 12 have recovered
  * One person died
  * There has been (including those recovered) 38 cases
  * Many, probably most, can be traced to people entering the country from others.
  * There are now three temporary hospitals, each with, I believe, 100 beds just for Coronavirus cases.
  * The curfew seems to be effective


    • felipe

      Seven new cases today, six in Guatemala City. The say 87 total but I am confused because it was 70 yesterday.

      Starting Monday, masks will be a requirement. The government is going to give away three million.

      • felipe

        Keith, interesting info. While what the "tribal elders" are doing actually makes sense, it sounds like it was not well thought through. I expect local businesses would "run a tab" for locals assuming they could actually afford it. And a lot of the local money is "recycled". For example, someone sells the limones or avocados from their yard and buys beans or corn. I also expect utilities will not be cutting off anyone's service as they would see the problem.

        But, interesting. Potentially a new economy will start at the community level. There are about 8000 people in San Antonio Palopó. My guestimate was that the average family income was around Q1500/mo (for a typical family of four). That would mean about Q3,000,000/mo needs to come from somewhere. Probably half of that is utilities. It actually would be really interesting to have all the details of cash flow there.

        From my experience there I would not be worried about the Gringo label. Being 0.1% of the population, the people know who you are. Once they knew my story I felt totally accepted.

        As for deliveries, you are doing better than I am in Guatemala City. TransExpress does their own delivery here and I haven't see them in weeks even though I know I have items to be delivered.

        • keith

          Status in San Antonio on Lake Atitlan

          Not only is the country locked down but so are the little individual towns in this area.  Tomorrow (Wed 8th) we will be able to go to Panajachel but the next day we are locked out until further notice.  Rumor has it that after Easter week we can go there. Already we can not go to Solola.  It is not the government or police per se, (according to rumor) but the local "tribal elders" so to speak that called the lock down per town, and are enforcing it.

          In our case, if that lasted very long, it could cause some possibly serious problems.  Our big problem is CASH.  Our bank shut its doors in Pana several weeks ago--with no notice.  As of approximately a week ago, we cannot get to our bank in Solola because the town is locked down and people from the surrounding villages can not go there.  I am talking about individuals, not necessary services like delivery, ambulances, etc.

          We might be getting close to "panic time" by the locals.  Roger, my Panamanian Indian roommate is worried about that, and especially worried about me since I am an obvious gringo and they are starting to believe that all gringos carry the plague, or at least they talk like that.  So he is going by himself to Panajachel tomorrow to try and get 4,000 Q out of different ATMs.  That would be $550 US and could keep us going for a while.  I told him to wear rubber boots and carry a machete so he would look more like a native...   <grin>

          Deliveries are still being made and we are going to try to find a food store that will ship us food through them.  I got a gallon of the "new" (and actually improved) odor free DMSO a couple of days ago, delivered here at the house, so deliveries still work.  We are going to try to pay the internet and electric bills by credit card.  So if we can do that and order food delivered we will be in good shape.

          Life is getting interesting.

          • felipe

            Some updates on the numbers. (This is from memory but close.)

            * 70 total cases, six new today

            * 3 deaths

            * ~ 17 recovered

            I wish the briefings told you a bit about the cases like location, profession, age. This probably exists somewhere.

            • keith


              We need to figure out what happens next (and if what you say is valid, there will be a next).  To do that we need some idea about why...  What was their goal?  I don't see it unless it was to crash the worlds' governments for a world takeover  by someone's military.  If that was it--they are crazy, stupid or both, which is quite possible. 
              If the Chinese are involved, it is because of their own reasons and goals which would have nothing to do with the other's reasons.  In other words they would be stringing the other side along not joining the game.
              Also, the type of thing they are doing, historically  always has unexpected consequences, usually extreme... Crashing  and taking over what was left of the worlds government--after an economic, health care and global production crash--would only lower the population level and resource usage and make the world more unhealthy... 
              Maybe it is a "Green" plot to do just that,  They are crazy enough to think it would be a good idea...