Banco Industrial -- Less than perfect

I have had a savings account in Bi for ages. Realizing it would be nice to have a checking account in Guatemala and another debit card I went to an office to open them and set up on-line access. (Note that I had on-line access before but if you don't use it for maybe three months they turn it off.)

After all too many questions -- all things they already had -- the account is open and I have on-line access. Of course, I have to wait until Wednesday to get my debit card and checks. But, I decided to check out the on-line access. Here is what I know so far:

  • My new account doesn't seem to exist yet even though it does have an account number assigned. (I wanted to do a transfer from my savings account to it.
  • While I can pay other Bi customers it is limited to Q3000 per transaction and Q12,000 a month. Guess that isn't how I will pay for a used car I might buy.

To put that in perspective, I have a bank account in Europe. I can send any amount on-line and I can send to any SEPA account for a €5 fee.

    • felipe

      Went to get my debit card and check book this morning. Got the debit card. The check book "should" be there by Friday afternoon. I really didn't need either this week but I got a nice walk and get to repeat it again in a few days. Grumble.