SAT: Importing items worth more than $1000 or over 80 lbs

After about seven weeks I finally learned about this problem. No thanks to the useless support of TransExpress.

If you try to do this you will be forced to deal directly with SAT. You will have to fill out an RTU (???) and give them an original invoice. And pay the taxes directly to them.

It doesn't matter than you have someone to do the importation for you -- if it is of more than $1000 value or 80 lbs. you have to do it yourself. (Note that "yourself" can clearly be anyone you designate but regular shippers (e.g., TransExpress) will not do this. (I am almost positive that I did such an importation using DHL years ago but I am not sure.)

One "trick" (which I am trying now) is to not declare the value (actually, declare it as $0) and then aduanas will assign a value. Apparently they might pick less than $1000 and the disaster is avoided.

    • felipe

      Let me report on a success. I declared a $1300 laptop as $0. Customs decided it was worth Q6030 (about $800) and all was well.