I have had a Tigo cel phone for years. No issues. A year ago we got Tigo Internet. Customer service (to get the service) was a total pain in the ass but we got it and it worked great.

About a month ago we saw that they offer more service for less money. We have been paying Q400/mo for a 15Mb internet connection and nothing else. Today you can get a 20Mb internet connection, TV and a phone for Q399. Rocio spent at least 10 hours and 15 elapsed days trying to get the service upgrade. The best she did was find a Tigo representative who told her to cancel the current service and then install new service.

I decided to give it a try and emailed (I email, Rocio wastes time talking on the phone) customer service and on the second or third try got someone who actually said they could do what I wanted. That was almost a month ago. I got my new bill a few days ago and the service still hadn't changed and the bill still reflected the old service.

I went back to email to customer service. The admitted that they screwed up but would have someone come out to do the install this morning. They even gave me a link to the order status page that said they were coming out in the AM. Around 4PM I sent a nastygram to customer service after checking the web page to see that it said something like "need to reschedule". Then, the dude called. He would be here shortly.

Well, the new service is installed and works fine. Here is the speed info.










There are a couple issues:

  1. The new router is configured differently so I have to change the WiFi info on our phones, laptops, ...
  2. While Tigo had said they would run cable to where we want the TV, that really was not the case -- the installer claimed he only was given a short cable. Whatever.

Rocio spend a lot of time talking to the installer. Now I understand. Tigo does their own customer service but contracts with someone else to do the installations. So, basically, Tigo sucks but whoever they contract with does good work.

Note that Claro offers essentially the same service now for the same price. No, I don't like Claro (for lots of reasons) but it is nice to know there is an alternative.