Is Coronavirus Tapering Off?

I think so. Sure, the numbers you see right now are 57,000 cases. But, that is the "scare you" number -- total accumulated cases. Let's look at reality.

Total active cases are a little over 9000. That's about the same as what we had on 10 June. Think about it -- the total accumulated cases will always increase. What you care about is the number that is currently infected. And the daily number of tests has continues to increase so we are way better off than in June.

The other thing is that the death rate continues to drop. In the department of Guatemala in mid-June is was 4.5%. Today it is 3.9%. Yeah, that's too high but until the government decides to start using HCQ it is not out of line. Even with that number, we are talking less that 400 deaths.

Besides no HCQ promotion, the other thing that is wrong is no promotion of a healthy diet, vitamins (in particular, C and D) and generally doing stuff to help your immune system. This problem is not unique to Guatemala, of course, but with a doctor as a president we could do better.