The lastest coronavirus restrictions story

This is all based on the red/orange/yellow/green "signal" I previously mentioned. Way beyond complicated, there is a video in this page that tells you to get some numbers off a web page and do a bunch of arithmetic.  It's absurd -- the data on the web page is in a database. Another entry should be added to the page with "the answer" for each municipality. It only needs to be re-calculated every two weeks.

The article is at and it also references other articles. It's complicated with explanations of what can and cannot happen in public markets, supermarkets, businesses (of different types), transportation and more. It also has lots of additional restrictions for people 60 and older.

After reading it I think it means I can go to the supermarket and that is about it. And Prensa LIbre made it very convenient (pardon my sarchasmo) for those who don't read Spanish by making the whole page a graphic so you can't paste text into a translaton program.