What's Available at La Torre in Zona 2?

My daughter (who has been stranded in Panajachel but is about to return to Guatemala City just asked me this question. While I am not a typical shopper/eater, I think the answer is useful for others.

For a "typical consumer" they appear to have all the stuff that is bad for you -- dead animals and birds, every kind of toxic oils, sugary cereals and beverages, ... . For me, there is a reasonable selection of fresh fruits and vegetables, alcohol -- including some Russian beer including non-alcoholic, staples such as beans and rice, and dairy including sugar-free yogurt.

Slightly surprising (because it is a small store) you can find flax seed (only ground unfortunately), chia, quinoa and even some (but not many) interesting cheeses. For me, the biggest thing they lack is seafood. There is one small freezer which always has cooked shrimp and usually tilapia and immitation crab. They usually have 7-year Flor de Caña from Nicaragua.