Has Covid-19 Recovery Stalled in Guatemala?

Look at the charts on the government covid-19 site. In particular, chart 1. Recoveries seemed to be following new cases but now recoveries are falling. Even before the curve slope change, recovery seemed to be taking too long.

I will assert it is because the wrong treatment is being used. Or, more accurately, the right treatment is not being used. While HCQ may not be the cure-all, it sure seemes to be doing very well all over the world. If you go to https://a42.com/pg/s/wiki/health/covid-19 you will find links to all sorts of articles on covid-19 including many about HCQ. I think it is time the Guatemalan government starts using it. Tell your friends, representatives, ...

    • felipe

      No isn't the answer but apparently no answers the question "Is the web site correct?"

      Current numbers are totally different today than a couple of days ago. Total number of cases seems OK but recovered went from a few thousand to over 23,000.  The new data looks much better.