My Morning with Lula

My Morning with Lula

About 0730 I told Lula we would go for a short walk (to buy tortillas) and if she was a good dog I would take her for a longer walk after breakfast. Well, she was and we did.

I did some housework and we then headed out around 0930. It's noon and we just got back. So, big time investment. Let's see if it pays off.

We headed South on La Sexta (long before it is called La Sexta). That was about a 22 block walk and then I turned East and then North on 9 Ave. Mostly between 14 and 15 Calle you find a lot of Nicaraguan businesses and/or businesses that sell stuff (like smoked cheese) from Nicaragua. With about 2.5km of walking on her, Lula was pretty willing to stop so we stopped in front of a tienda.

The owner was a large older woman and called Lula over and, of course, Lula jumped on her. We got chatting (yea, I did say I was Nicaraguan and proved it by telling Lula that Nicaraguans use green plantains to make tostones. Next, a guy from a shop two or three businesses back down the street comes over and starts playing with Lula. The shop owner gives me Q10 "to buy food for Lula". I tried but couldn't refuse it. I said Lula was probably thirsty and she had her employee get her a pan of water.

Our "reunion" went of for probably 10 minutes. When I finally walked off I heard someone call out. It was the guy from the other shop. He called me back and then ran to his store. The lady told me to wait as he had something for me. It was food (what you see in the photo) and said it was for me, not Lula. It was rice with some sauce, salad and some piece of breaded and fried animal -- probably chicken. While it was for me, Lula is the only non-vegetarian here so I "shared" it with her.

The biggest problem I have with Lula is that she jumps up on everyone. I need her to be a bit more selective.