Prostitutes With Masks

We (Lula and I) just got back from a long walk. (Good news: she just wants to lay around and pant right now.) On the way back we passed by the corner of 2 Calle and 12 Ave. While I didn't read about it in TripAdvisor every time I pass there I see one or more prostitutes on the NE corner.

Now, first, my disclaimer. I have never asked anyone if there were a prostitute but when you are in a neighborhood with indigenous folks, small tiendas in the garage of a family house and such and you see three tall women in tight short clothing with makeup on and high heels I am just guessing. Draw your own colclusions.

In any case, I looked a bit longer than normal as I was trying to guage Lulu's actions and how much leash length she had left. The women had masks on -- like everyone else on the street. Then I laughed. Somehow, the image of maintaining your "social distance" and keeping your masks on while "engaged" was just too funny.