June 6 -- We can be outside this weekend

Sorry I didn't post this earlier but I was waiting for some clarifications. Unfortunately, I didn't get them.

The basics are that Saturday and Sunday are no longer special -- we can be outside during the day. The unanswered question is whether one could travel from, say, Panajachel (where my daughter and grandson have been trapped since this started) to Guatemala City.

One thing that is defined but strange is that some of Transmetro is running -- for some people. An article in PL even includes a map of which routes and stops are running. The hours are 0600 to 1600 and it is only parts of routes 6, 7, 12 and 13. And this is only for Saturday the 6th and Sunday the 7th. As for "only some people", from the article:

[Alicia] Chang dijo que las medidas como uso de mascarilla, gel antibacterial y que se prohiba el abordaje de personas de la tercera edad y niños son buenas medidas, pero no se sabe cuánto tiempo van a hacer fila las personas en las estaciones y cuánto van a permanecer en el bus.

No to children makes sense -- they don't need to get anywhere -- but no to old folks makes less sense. I assume the idea is if you are old you don't have to go to work but it still seems a bit strange.

In any case, my two-block trip to the hardware store turned into a 3 km trip which took me to La Sexta. Things looked quiet but a bit more normal. I saw my first mom breast-feeding her son in two months and the old dude singing religions stuff at 5 Calle and 8 Ave. was there. The old guy selling cheese in front of La Torre Zona 1 was there and had "queso de marijuana" (ok, it was loroco) and a lady in front of Super Econo has chuchitos de chipiline.

I think this is a test. Unfortunately, it we have to wait two weeks (covid-19 incubation time) to get any information from the test, normal may not be here until at least July.