Status from Colombia

This message is from Patrick Jackson, creator of Learning Spanish Like Crazy. (It comes with a bit of a Spanish lesson. :-) )

A customer sent an email and asked, "Patrick, is Colombia being affected by the coronavirus?"

"Desafortunadamente" (unfortunately), the answer is " " (yes).

On 6 March, Colombia confirmed its first case of coronavirus - a 19-year-old female patient who recently traveled to Milan, Italy.

Today, exactly 16 days later, there are now 231 confirmed cases in Colombia. 35 in the last 24 hours - and 2 deaths.

Here in Medellin, the whole city is in "cuarentena" (quarantine). No one is allowed to leave their home except for "una emergencia médica" (a medical emergency) or "pasear perros" (dog-walking).

But there's "servicio de domicilio" (home delivery service) from "restaurantes, supermercados, farmacias" (restaurants, supermarkets/grocery stores, drug stores).

Bogota, Colombia is also in "cuarentena" (quarantine).

But there's something I keep reminding myself . . .

Habrá un tiempo en que todo esto pasará.
(In time all of this will come to pass.)

Estoy cien por ciento seguro de eso!
(I'm 100% sure of that!)