Zona 2 Guatemala City Observations

I live in Zona 2 near Parque Jocotenano. Lots of things have changed in the last 24 hours. Here is some of the story.

  • Sunday I went to La Torre. It was busy with most customers just buying beer or buying a lot of toilet paper.
  • Today (early afternoon) the same store looked like it had been ravaged. Yes, there was still some toilet paper but virtually no hand sanitizer, prepared beans, alcohol and other cleaning supplies.
  • The only drug store nearby had a sign on the door saying that they had run out of masks, alcohol in gel and one other item I forget.
  • Two of the small cafetines (is that a Nicaraguan word?) had signs that they only had take-out (para llevar).
  • About 1/3 of the people on the street (which was a lot less than normal) were wearing face masks.
  • I sent to DollarCity (about six blocks away) and which they had shelves full lots of things (alcohol, for example) were no longer there.

My plan it to head back to La Torre tomorrow afternoon to see if things start getting back in stock or this is the beginning of the end for food here.