Transmetro Line 18 Adventure

I have been on Transmetro to most places including traveling north on the 18 line. But, today, I was looking for some stuff in Zona 6 on Calle Martí and then needed to head to Zona 1. I decided to take Transmetro 18 line southbound. It was amusing.

My first thought was that its path was probably what a horse cart took 100 years ago. Then I saw some railroad tracks and remembered that a train to the northeast part of the city was in the works along a right of way that existed for trains ages ago. Well, the 18 line seems to be the short-term solution until the train is running.

The bus makes an amazing number of turns only all sorts of small streets until it finally turns south on 10 Avenue in Zona 1. An articulated bus, winding its way back to real streets was amusing.