Some of you may have been wondering if I speak Spanish. The answer is yes. I live in Guatemala because I like it here and that includes the people. It would be far less fun if I didn't speak Spanish and I expect I would not get the same respect.

I was thinking about this as I just went to buy some tortillas. Buying tortillas didn't really require any Spanish. I showed up with a towel to put them in and could have easily held up five fingers or just waved around the Q5 I had. It would not have had the simple chat we had but it would have worked.

But, on the way back (it's a couple of blocks) there was a "garage" that had food for sale. I thought I saw pupusas. (If you don't know they are like a stuffed tortilla -- typically with cheese or chicharon but some places offer lots of interesting choices.) I stopped, walked back and asked. No huge Spanish skills involved but we had a conversation, I know what types she has and it is only a block away. Add a local dinner option to my list.

Beyond this simple stuff, I have a sense of humor. Like Nicaragua (and unlike Costa Rica) most people here seem to have a sense of humor. Being able to speak Spanish means I can exercise my humor and understand their humor. To me, a big plus.