Changing Electric Service to my Name

Today I went to the EEGSA office at 8 Calle and La Sexta armed with everything I figured I would need to succeed. That included:

  • All the legal documents that shows that I bought (compra/venta) and own (SAT, Catastro, ...) the house.
  • The most recent electric bill.
  • A copy of my DPI.
  • A letter requesting the change which included the address, meter number, my NIT, DPI number, phone number (forgot my email but added it later).

At the "information desk" the muchacha reviewed the papers and then said something like "you need a letter of autorization from the properatario ... to make the change". I said "what"?

She grabbed an information sheet, highlighted the paragraph she had just recited, turned over the paper and pointed to a sample letter. I explained to her that this person (the name on the bill) was probably dead and explained (which she had already seen) that that was not the person I bought the house from.

She went off to consult with someone else. When she came back she handed me all the paperwork and a "they will call your number ticket" (and, of course, said nothing.

Ten seconds later my number was called. Other than the muchacho asking for my email address, no problems. After hundreds of mouse clicks and keystrokes he gave me two copies of the agreement to sign and said "take it to the bank, pay the deposit and bring both copies back to me".

So, they get a Q100 deposit from me even though I have already been paying the bill and I doubt they are returning the deposit to the dead guy on the bill. But, I followed the directions.

When I come back he takes the two copies and hands one back to me. I am now home and have received an email "welcome" from EEGSA.