Why I Use Email

In this modern world of chat lots of people either question why I use email or are actually offended that I expect them to communicate in email. It's not that I am old fashioned. There are some valid considerations.

The most important is that you have a written record. If you use one of the big email providers such as Gmail, that record even includes timestamps that you can't edit. That is, there is a permanent record of what you discussed that includes a date and time that cannot be altered.

Does this matter? In many things, yes. Here are some examples:

  • I was shopping for a house. I have a record of my shopping including price negotiations with the seller.
  • I have email talking with my lawyer. While we do have in-person meetings, I have an email record of when we were going to meet and about what.
  • I have times that "we" (for example, me with my girlfriend) were going to meet so there is no subsequent "no, we said seven, not six" conversations.

For me, the other important advantage over a phone call or chat session is that I can send a message when I think of it -- even if it is three AM -- and the recipient can read it whenever he has time. No forced interruptions.

Any questions? Well, just email me. :-)